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August 2012 - Stetsbar Vintage Arm Stets Metal Arts announce the availability of a replacement 'vintage' Stetsbar arm for those looking to add a retro vibe to their Stetsbar equipped guitar.

Eric Stets, founder and CEO, said "We had a number of requests to develop an arm for those who wanted a vintage look but modern performance. This Stetsbar arm echoes the classic whammy bar of the past in looks and the flat wide arm helps the player adapt to the increased performance they get from Stetbar". 

Stetsbar Vintage arms are available direct from
March 2012 - Jason's Dream Guitar"Hello Tony De Lacugo and Eric Stets,

Tony, Eric is the inventor of a guitar tremolo system (Stetsbar) that requires no modifications to your guitar body. Eric, Tony De Lacugo is the amazing artist who made and painted the guitar in these pictures, among many others. I wanted to show you how things have turned out so far since you both have contributed greatly to my dream guitar.

Here are a few pictures of Tony's handy work and the custom Stetsbar Eric made for me. I love it! The pickups I went with are Kinman Broadcasters, and it sounds as wonderful as it looks, if that is even possible. It is hard to get a picture that represents what the guitar looks like in person, but this will give you a good idea. I hope to get some more pictures in the future. Thank you both very much for going the extra mile for me. All the best!
Jason Richison"
July 2011 - Stetsbar YouTube CompetitionOur colleagues at Madison and Fifth - the Stetsbar Europe Regional Distributor - have launched a new competition to win a Gordon-Smith GS1 Guitar complete with its fitted Stop-tail Stetsbar. Two runner-up prizes are also available. For more details click the YouTube logo to the left.
Facebook April 2011 - Stetsbar on FacebookWe now have a Facebook page up and running - come and join us!
Winter NAMM 2010Stetsbar will be exhibiting once again at NAMM. We will be there on Booth 1351 in the lower hall. Eric Stets will be presenting the latest Stetsbar model - the S-Style! 
A Little Look into the Future - August 09Now you know we love our R&D department. Their skills are of mythic proportions. Mostly we never know what they get up to but just occasionally they give us a glimpse of something good coming down the tracks - and here it is.

We have often felt sorry for the Strat wranglers amongst you who could never enjoy the beauties of a Stetsbar on their prized instrument. But it looks like the boys and girls in the basement have done it again with a drop-in, no mods, retro-fit Stetsbar for Stratocaster style guitars. 

They gave us this peek at their pre-production test bed so we thought it only right that we should share it with you. But remember - its a secret - don't tell anyone.

Adam in Iraq A Stetsbar in Iraq - August 09We do love to hear from Stetsbar users in unusual (for us anyway) places and were delighted to receive this picture of Adam Starkey and his Stetsbar equipped Epi on a tour of a different kind in Iraq.

This unit was specially desert-proofed by our scientists at the Stetsbar R&D facility before being shipped out to Adam who said " . . .a great product too. I'm thoroughly enjoying having a trem!" Thanks Adam, we were happy to help.

And before you all write in asking to have your Stetsbar desert-proofed we have to admit that we lied about that.

And the scientists.

And the R&D facility.

Winter NAMM January 2009The Stetsbar Pro II arrived at NAMM for the first time. A busy 4 days ensured the Stetsbar team left exhausted but delighted with the feedback the unit received. Eric Stets said "We were bowled over by the reactions we got and not a little embarrassed by the praise the Stetsbar received. So many visitors said that they had heard of Stetsbar but never had the opportunity to use one - and that it was the smoothest and most stable trem system they had ever tried. With that level of interest from trade visitors world-wide it won't be long before the Stetsbar is available from dealers in many more countries.

It was also good to meet up again with the many friends of Stetsbar, both in the trade and from elsewhere. Amongst our favourite people has to be Marcelino Diaz Jnr (pictured here with Eric Stets) who came on the booth to say Hi!
All Gold Pro II Stetsbar Pro IIThe Stetsbar Pro II development splits the pitch movement of the Stetsbar into seperate up and down actions. This enables the Stetsbar to handle string breaks without detuning, support alternative drop tunings and manage higher string guages. 

The stop-tail Stetsbar's cosmetic appearance has also changed with the square base plate replacing the rounded base as the standard offering. These bases are available in gold, nickel, chrome and black.
The Stetsbar Ten! The Stetsbar TenThere is no doubt that we have a great bunch of Stetsbar users out there but this is going to be difficult to top! Marcelino Diaz Jnr has amassed an awesome collection of Stetsbar equipped axes. Here's what Marcelino said when he sent his picture (left) in: 

"Enclosed are images of the guitars transformed by your wonderful tremolo system(s). These were a long-time coming, but I hope you like the shots. 

You've built the better mouse-trap!!! I'm a devoted fan and user. I believe you made something above and beyond the ordinary; adding sweetness to my guitars, without changing the taste. I'm not someone who will hack up my guitars to get them to do what they weren't made to do, but somehow, you figured out a wonderful way that lets me keep my precious babies intact and expand their sonic palette. 

On top of that, you care about your product and help me any time I need anything to make my Stetsbars perfect. I know you think I need electro-convulsive shock therapy for picking up so many, but I love them and I still want a few more :)" Can anybody beat that?
Paul Unkert Stetsbar at NAMM 2008Paul Unkert premiered his new range of guitars including this Stetsbar equipped beauty as pictured by Premier Guitar Magazine.

For more details of the launch and of the complete Unkert range click here for Premier Guitar Magazines's on-line article.
Ladd Smith Crowned Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero 2007With his Stetsbar equiped G&L ASAT Ladd Smith triumphed in this prestigious competition Friday, October 12 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Ten tremendously talented players were roundly applauded by celebrity judges Joe Satriani, Steve Lukather, Nuno Bettencourt, Elliot Easton, Greg Howe, and Mike Varney. In the end, they chose Ladd Smith from Nashville, Tennessee as the champion, Les Robot from Edmonton, Alberta as first runner-up and Danny B. Harvey from Canyon County, CA, as second runner-up.

"What a celebration of white-hot, burning guitar!" said Guitar Player Editor in Chief Michael Molenda. "All ten contestants were simply awesome -- on fire, in fact - and the crowd was devouring every run, riff, and lick. It was great to see such enthusiasm over transcendent guitar playing, as you certainly don't hear these styles very much on radio or television these days. Ladd Smith took the GH07 championship because his 'Outrun the Train' was a thrill ride of furious note barrages, clean-toned spank, and country melodicism," continued Molenda. "It's incredibly difficult to play fast runs so pristinely - without a little help from distortion or sustain from the amp - and the judges acknowledged this in their decision."

Ladd had this to say about his winning the Guitar Hero 07 Competition; "This has been the most incredible thrill for me personally. It was such an honor to even be chosen to be a part of the event and I was just so happy to be there. I had absolutely no expectations to win, especially after hearing the contestants rehearse at sound-check and I'm still recovering from the shock. For us to be able to go into a primarily rock dominated event representing Nashville Country Music and being able to demonstrate the complexity and intelligence of what the genre can be, that's what I'm most proud of. We're just so thankful." Ladd is already back to work on his forthcoming album set to release Spring '08. 

More details can be found on Ladd Smith's website
Stetsbar On Tour!One of the UK's premier blues orientated guitarists, Snowy White is now playing with Roger Waters on his latest world-wide tour.

Snowy joins a growing list of professionals who trust Stetsbar equipped guitars.

More details, pictures and links to Snowy's web site and tour dates can be found on the Stetsbar Artists pages.
Chris George Variax Equipped Stetsbar Variax!The latest creation from our friend - luthier Chris George - as featured in the Summer 2006 issue of Guitarist Magazine (UK). 

Chris's guitar features a Graph Tech equipped OEM Stetsbar, Fernandes bridge Humbucker and Sustainer and Line 6 Variax circuitry.

Guitarist says ". . . the combination of the Variax models, sustainer and vibrato create some truly exceptional and creative sounds".

See for more details.
Black Max Stetsbar Black MaxWhen your guitar has attitude - you need your trem to have attitude too! 

Stetsbar are hugely excited to announce the availability of Black Max!

Black Max offers the legendary performance of the Stetsbar with an all black finish. A simplified arm and laser engraving complete the minimalist metal look. For a bigger view just click on the picture
Sound SamplesEver wondered what you could sound like with a Stetsbar? Pedro Duarte, a Stetsbar customer from Lisbon in Portugal, has kindly sent us some examples of his studio work with his Stetsbar equipped Les Paul - listen here.
OEM STETSBAR now released for world-wide distribution- After intensive collaboration and development work with Dave Myka - one of the finest luthiers on the US East Coast - STETS Machine has released the OEM version of the STETSBAR.

The OEM version is designed for guitar builders and luthiers who want the benefits of an ultra smooth, professional vibrato unit without routing large cavities into the guitar tonewood. email for more details and availability.

Thanks to Dave Myka at Myka Guitars
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