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Welcome to the official Stetsbar On-Line store. My name is Eric Stets and I first developed the Stetsbar Guitar Tremolo in the late nineties. 

My first sales were to local guitarists and guitar stores in the Buffalo NY area. It was their reaction to what would become the Stetsbar that convinced me I could take my design further.

Since those early days the Stetsbar has been used by thousands of guitarists around the world. There are Stetsbar distributors in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, Australia and many other territories. 

I'd like to thank you personally for visiting this store and for your interest in my 'baby' - the Stetsbar - and in the growing number of accessories that we are adding to the line-up. 

If you have any questions on our products you can contact me and the team at Stetsbar HQ 

Email info@stetsbar.com or telephone: 1-716-675-0009

Or by mail to:

Stets Metal Arts Inc, 50 East and West Road, West Seneca, NY 14224, USA

You can also keep in touch with us on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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