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Guitar and Bass UK October 2014 Guitar and Bass Magazine UK 
'The Story of Stetsbar' - a 4 page history of how the Stetsbar came to be from those nice folks at Guitar and Bass Magazine in the UK! Click the Guitar & Bass logo on the left for the PDF.
iGuitar September 2011 Guitar Interactive - Internet Magazine
An informative text and video review of the the Stetsbar Pro II by Micheal Casswell for Guitar Interactive. Click to follow this link to the videa review(YouTube). Click the Guitar Interactive logo to the left to see the print review - you will need to scroll to page 88.
April 2010 - Guitar Player - US Magazine
A full review of the Stetsbar Pro II
Performing Musician
January 2009 - Performing Musician - UK Magazine
Interview with Eric Stets and review of the Stetsbar (link to website)
Premier Guitar
January 2008 - Premier Guitar - US Magazine
A review of the Stetsbar
March 2007 - Vintage Guitar - US Magazine
A quick review of the T-Style version of the Stetsbar
Guitar One USA January 2006 - Guitar One - US Magazine
Read the Stetsbar review by clicking on the Guitar One cover to the left or see the video demonstration here (YouTube).

We are grateful to Guitar One magazine for permission to show their video review of the Telecaster and Gibson (Stop Tail) versions of the Stetsbar.
Total Guitar UK December 2005 - Guitar Buyer Magazine - UK
PR announcement of new all black finish Stetsbar!

Guitar Buyer UK

December 2005 - Guitar Buyer Magazine - UK
Review of the Telecaster version of the Stetsbar

Total Guitar UK

January 2005 - Total Guitar Magazine - UK
Review of the Stop Tail version of the Stetsbar

Guitar Buyer UK

December 2004 - Guitar Buyer Magazine - UK
Review of the Stop Tail version of the Stetsbar

Guitarist Magazine UK

Summer 2004 - Guitarist Magazine - UK
First UK review of the Stop Tail version of the Stetsbar

Vintage Guitar USA

September 2002 - Vintage Guitar Magazine - US
Very (very) early review of the original Stop Tail version of the Stetsbar - just before electricity was discovered.
Guitar Site USA March 2000 - Guitar News Weekly (Web) - US
A piece of history. So early we were still considering the wheel.
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