Stetsbar Models

Stop Tail Models:

Our most popular item, the Stop Tail model is designed to fit guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES 335, Flying V and other guitars that share the common Gibson specification for stop tail positioning.

Some non US made guitars require metric stop tail bolts but otherwise fit directly. We include both inch and metric spec bolts with our retail package. It is always wise to let us know what guitar you want to fit your Stetsbar to so that we can advise of any known issues.

We have Stetsbars out there fitted to a large range of makes - see the gallery for an indication of just how wide that range is.

Fitting a Stetsbar is very straight forward if you have experience of guitar maintenance. All the hardware to the rear of the bridge pickup is removed and the Stetsbar simply mounts directly to the existing stop tail bushes.

Re-string, intonate and play! And remember, the Stetsbar requires no additional routing or drilling - your guitar will restore to absolutely original condition if you want to move the Stetsbar to another instrument. How many other pro trems can say that?

(Image shown includes optional Vintage Arm)


T-Style Stetsbars

The T-Style guitar is an icon - how could we not have a Stetsbar model to fit it!

Finished in chrome, to match the pickups and control plate - or gold or black, our unit mounts directly onto the existing screw holes of the "ashtray bridge".  Modify the supplied shim in the neck pocket to get the appropriate neck angle and you are ready to go.

A professional tremolo that stays in tune and does not require any additional holes or routes. How cool is that?

Now that legendary T-style sound can shimmer and bend just like its younger Strat brother!

This install is slightly more complicated than the stop-tail version and we always recommend that you get a professional involved if you don't have this sort of experience.


S-Style Stetsbars


The S-Style Stetsbar is the solution for those who want to replace the existing fulcrum trem in a Stratocaster or Stratocaster style guitar. 

Remove the trem unit, springs and claw and the new Stetsbar clamps into the trem cavity.  Modify and install the supplied shim to the neck pocket to get the right neck angle and you are ready to go.

This is one trem you will not want to block!


Hard Tail Models

Our 'Hard Tail' unit adds to the number of guitars that can benefit from the Stetsbar's superior range, stability and feel. The base plate of this unit provides the familiar 5 hole pattern to enable you to add Stetsbar functionality without any new holes.

This model was primarily designed for certain Squier Tele and Ibanez models but it will also fit other guitars with the same bridge layout.  A shim is provided that can be modified to provide the proper neck angle.  


OEM/Luthier Stetsbars

The original design idea behind the Stetsbar was to produce a true linear floating tremolo system that did not require any modification to the guitar on which it was installed.

When we met Dave Myka of Myka Guitars that concept went one step further.

Dave saw the Stetsbar as a way of getting a great trem unit without removing large quantities of precious tone wood and changing the tonal qualities he had painstakingly worked for. The fact that it was a much quicker install was an added bonus.

Only a small pocket needs routing into the top of the guitar - barely 1/8" deep (3mm).

Dave loves it - so do we - and so do an increasing number of luthiers around the world.

Will it Fit? - download the schematic pdfs here for Version 1 or Version 2


Wrapover Bridges

There are two Stetsbar wrapover bridges available for those guitars with a one piece bridge. They all look very similar but have differently angled T-O-M bridges.

The first model is the G1, designed for those guitars with a non-angled bridge - think Gibson LP Junior.

The second - the G2 - is also for Gibson guitars - but with an angled bridge.

See the schematics below to check which will fit your guitar.


3 Hole

This version of Stetsbar is designed to fit the 3 hole mount common to hard tail Strats and Tele Slimlines.

USA Made



Designed for PRS guitars (particularly the SE/bolt-on neck range) this model fits into the existing mounting holes.

As PRS bridges are lower than the Stetsbar's T-O-M bridge a blank neck pocket shim is supplied and should be modified to provide the correct neck angle.

USA Made


Jaguar/Jazzmaster - Modern

Designed for Jaguars and Jazzmasters, this model fits the modern models. The 4 screw holes match to the existing holes in the guitar.

As Fender bridges are lower than the Stetsbar's T-O-M bridge a blank neck pocket shim is supplied and should be modified to provide the correct neck angle.

USA Made


Jaguar/Jazzmaster - Vintage

Designed for vintage Jaguars and Jazzmasters, this model fits the longer throw of the older models. The 4 screw holes match to the existing holes in the guitar.

As Fender bridges are lower than the Stetsbar's T-O-M bridge a blank neck pocket shim is supplied and should be modified to provide the correct neck angle.

USA Made


Vintage Arms

Stetsbar offers a different arm style. The vintage arm channels that 'old school' look that can suit many different guitar body shapes.

The arm is available in all the finishes and works across all Stetsbar models.


Fine Tuner

The Fine Tuner was created by Eric Stets for those guitarists who want to use the Stetsbar in combination with a locking nut. It uses the same principles found on violins and similar stringed instruments.

The fine tuner mounts between the bridge and the string anchors on the Stetsbar's bridgeplate. This design also means it can be used on any guitar that has the traditional stop-tail arrangement.

The fine tuner is easily installed, ideally at a string change time, passing each string through the fine tuner before taking the string end through the machine head. Once the guitar is brought up to tune and the nut locked, tuning adjustments are made with the individual thumb wheels on the fine tuner.

Its an easy and simple solution direct from the Stetsbar stable!


Stetsbar Custom Shop

We can supply a number of special order variants to the standard range. If you haven't seen the Stetsbar model you need then why not call. We are happy to discuss modifications and specials 'cos we like guitars too!

Left Hand Models
We can supply left hand models of all standard Stetsbars at a 20% additional charge. Just contact us to place your order.

Piezo Saddles
Another popular modification is to fit piezo saddles or a piezo loaded replacement bridge to a standard Stetsbar model

We use units from Graph Tech. Please contact us for more details of availability and pricing

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