Stetsbar Fine Tuner

Product image 1Stetsbar Fine Tuner
Product image 2Stetsbar Fine Tuner
Product image 3Stetsbar Fine Tuner
Product image 4Stetsbar Fine Tuner
Product image 5Stetsbar Fine Tuner

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The Stetsbar Fine Tuner is designed for stop-tail guitars (including Stetsbar equipped guitars) to work in combination with a string locking mechanism at the nut - a locking nut or the Sta-Tuned product.

Guitars so equipped cannot be tuned in a conventional manner as the tuners cannot alter the strings' pitch. The Stetsbar fine tuner sits over the strings, behind the bridge of the guitar, and allows for fine tuning via the 6 black tuning screws in the same way that a violin's fine tuners work.

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