Zero Glide Nut for Fender®

Product image 1Zero Glide Nut for Fender®
Product image 2Zero Glide Nut for Fender®

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The Zero Glide® Replacement Nut System borrows the “zero fret” concept to reduce string contact in the nut by up to 93%, increasing tuning stability, playability, and open string tone. It only takes a few minutes to install and requires absolutely no permanent alteration to your instrument.

The Zero Glide® is available in both slotted and unslotted (blank) nuts.

Here at Stetsbar we have found this design reduces friction at the nut with outstanding results. The concept of the "zero fret" is what it states, the lowest action. Because of this low action, finger pressure on the string by the nut is the same as anywhere else on the neck. That means that intonation is stable and reliable.

When using a Stetsbar - and so stretching and relaxing the strings - there is a slight "travel" of the strings over the nut. This is the case with all trem systems. When this happens, the nut can pinch or hinder the string from returning to tune. That is why some trems require that the strings are locked down at the nut to prevent this. Using the Zero Glide® removes this problem entirely.


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